STILL ALIVE Aichi Triennale 2022


An unprecedented pandemic has thrown the various structures of contemporary society into sharp relief, and new propositions are being called for from all domains of life, whether environmental, political, economic, or cultural. Art, including contemporary art and the performing arts, has always reflected the times, pursued the truth, and proposed new values for the future in the face of uncertainty throughout its history. In today’s increasingly complex world, the field of art has also seen an increasing emphasis on the qualities of diversity and inclusion, which demand understanding and respect for diverse cultures, while at the same time seeking out models for a sustainable world.
The theme of the international art festival Aichi 2022, “STILL ALIVE,” was inspired by a series of works by the Aichi-born conceptual artist On Kawara, who continually dispatched the fact of his own existence during his lifetime using telegrams starting in the 1970s. Aichi Triennale 2022 will offer a multi-dimensional interpretation of the words “STILL ALIVE,” seeking to contemplate the proud history and local industries of Aichi Prefecture, rediscover its traditional culture, and ponder the fundamental meaning of life, all the while shuttling back and forth between the past, present, and future. In addition to revisiting the origins and sources of contemporary art, the festival will also focus on the gaps between domains that have come to be classed according to fixed categories. Particular attention will be given to the conceptual art that makes up the undercurrent of global contemporary art, poetry and other text-based forms of artistic expression, and practices that straddle contemporary art and the performing arts. Through a wide-ranging learning program, the festival will also position itself as a site of encounters with uncertainty, the unknown, a diversity of values, and overwhelming beauty. Aichi Triennale 2022 will strive to produce inspiring encounters and experiences and a wellspring of positive energy that will help us to live for tomorrow, in each and every moment that life brings our way.


July 30 (Saturday) to October 10 (Monday, public holiday), 2022 [73 days]