Contemporary Art

International Contemporary Art Exhibition

  • The cutting edge of contemporary art will be showcased through the work of roughly 60 individual artists and groups from Japan and overseas.
  • Exhibition sites include the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art as the main venue, along with Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya City Art Museum, and other areas (Shikemichi and Endoji), in Nagoya City, as well as the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art and venues in the vicinity of Toyotashi Station, in Toyota City.

Film Program

  • Film works by roughly ten artists and groups from Japan and overseas will be screened at the Aichi Arts Center and other venues.
Stage Performances

Performing Arts Program

  • Roughly ten works of cutting-edge theater and performance will be staged at the Aichi Arts Center and other venues. Also part of the program are lecture performances by the artists taking part in the International Contemporary Art Exhibition as well as participatory projects realized through auditions and workshops that center around creation.
  • A packed and multifaceted program engaging different people (performers and audiences from Japan and overseas), art forms (visual arts and theater) and spaces (the theater and city), will take place during the Performing Arts Focus Period (August 1–4, September 6–8, October 11–14).

Music Program

  • Newly added to the program are captivating live performances of popular musical genres such as rock and pop.
  • The Aichi Triennale 2019 Music & Arts Festival, a multidisciplinary program that brings together art and music, will be held at the Aichi Arts Center. Music events will also be held in the Shikemichi and Endoji area.

Opportunities for mutual learning will be offered to visitors through the program.
Keywords: receive, deepen, shape, and own

Art Playground

  • Art Playgrounds, installed at multiple sites, are environments designed to enhance visitors’ experience of art. Based on the distinct themes of a given site, programs will be held that focus on visitors’ creativity and active participation. In one space, a kind of playground built of cardboard—the creative outcome of the Artist Outreach Program involving young children and students—visitors can not only let loose and play but also become creators of the site themselves by taking part in its formation. The Art Playgrounds serve as an open platform for visitors to share their experience of art: programs will be held that involve participants sharing their ideas to a group or translating their experience of a certain artwork into their own creation.

Artist Outreach Program

  • Participating artists from the festival will visit schools in the prefecture. Together with young children and students, they will engage in an act of creation using cardboard as their material. The outcome will be presented at one of the sites of Aichi Triennale 2019, serving as a kind of playground that stimulates visitors’ creativity.

Program for Schools

  • Talks and guided tours will be offered to local children and students to enhance their experience of contemporary art.

Volunteer Training Program

  • Aichi Triennale is supported by over 1,000 volunteers. The newly updated volunteer training program now includes workshops that touch on how visitors can experience interactive art. Volunteers trained under this program will help create an environment where visitors can enjoy the festival to its fullest, even if they are not very familiar with art.

Triennale School

  • Events that combine lectures and discussions, designed to encourage participants to learn from each other, will be held throughout the festival period.