Contemporary Art

International Contemporary Art Exhibition

  • The cutting edge of contemporary art will be showcased through the work of 66 individual artists and groups from Japan and overseas.
  • Exhibition sites include the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art as the main venue, along with Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya City Art Museum, and other areas (Shikemichi and Endoji), in Nagoya City, as well as the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art and venues in the vicinity of Toyotashi Station, in Toyota City.

Film Program

  • 15 films by 14 Japanese and overseas artists or groups will be screened at Aichi Arts Center, Art Space A from September 15 to September 29, including one new film and three shown for the first time in Japan. During this period, film directors and other related persons will be featured as guests at events where they talk about the works and other topics.
  • A special all-night screening will be held on August 9th at Midland Square Cinema, prior to the screening at Art Space A. In addition to specially selected cinematic works, there will be advance screenings of two films shown in Japan for the first time.
Stage Performance

Performing Arts Program

  • 14 performances will be staged in Nagoya City and Toyota City, with the Aichi Prefectural Art Theater as the primary venue, including cutting-edge theater works from Japan and abroad. In addition to Japan premieres of overseas works and new domestic works, Extension Projects will be presented, with lecture-style performances and participatory projects by Triennale artists.
  • A packed and multifaceted program engaging different people (performers and audiences from Japan and overseas), art forms (visual arts and theater) and spaces (the theater and city), will take place during the Performing Arts Focus Period (August 1–4, September 6–8, October 11–14).

Music Program

  • A new program will be added featuring popular music such as rock and pop, with six live performances for audiences to enjoy.
  • At the Aichi Arts Center, there will be performances by two groups at the Aichi Prefectural Art Theater Concert Hall, as well as the multifaceted festival event “Aichi Triennale 2019 Music & Arts Festival” on September 14th.
  • In Shikemichi and Endoji, Endoji Daily Live Performances featuring various artists will be held on a daily basis, and on October 12, several events such as the Nagono Music Festival are planned for the finale.

Opportunities for mutual learning will be offered to visitors through the program.
Keywords: receive, deepen, shape, and own

Art Playground

  • Support for visitors’ creative activities is offered at “Art Playgrounds” in five locations, with different themes.

    Endo Mikiko and Hibino Katsuhiko, participating as part of an artist dispatch program, will work with children to create a park using cardboard with children who have been taking part in a “cardboard research project.” During the Triennale, visitors can not only play, but also transform the park by presenting their own ideas and making changes with their own hands.

    Venue | 8F Exhibition Room J, Aichi Arts Center

    “I want to talk to people about art!” Here, people can fulfill this wish. Enjoy thinking for its own sake, and by experiencing your own thoughts and those of others, experience the fun of spreading ideas and thoughts further. The “Triennale School” (first launched in 2017) will be implemented in a new and different form.

    Venue | Lobby, Aichi Arts Center 8F

    Experience the process of making things. Using a variety of things, from traditional tools to new technologies, this Art Playground delivers the fun of creating and the opportunity to learn about various processes.

    Venue | B1F Exhibition Room 3, Nagoya City Art Museum

    The "Shikemichi and Endoji Specialty Product Development Laboratory" will be established. With people in the shopping streets of Shikemichi and Endoji, local area residents, visitors, and the town’s “specialties” in mind, products will be developed with the goal of actually placing them on the market.

    Venue | Nagono Station, Shikemichi and Endoji

    Experience communications and outreach first-hand. Using various media such as radio, zines, T-shirts, social media and so forth, participants will engage with the theory and practice of getting their ideas to the world.

    Venue | Workshop Room, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art

Volunteer Activities

  • The Aichi Triennale is supported by over 1,200 registered volunteers. Through new training centered on interactive art appreciation, these volunteers will create an environment where people can enjoy the Triennale even without specialized knowledge of art. There will also be appreciation tours with volunteer guides who have undergone specialized training.