After “Freedom of Expression?”

Freedom of Expression? was held in 2015, motivated by a serious sense of crisis concerning threats to freedom of speech and expression in Japan. The exhibition collected works that had been rejected or removed from exhibition by either systematic censorship or fear of causing controversy. Works dealing with themes which have been deemed taboo by public cultural institutions in recent years (such as the issue of the Japanese Military “Comfort Women”, the emperor and wartime responsibility, colonial rule, Article 9 of Japan’s constitution, or criticism of the government) were displayed along with the actual reasons given at the time for their removal. At Aichi Triennale 2019, works newly refused exhibition at public galleries after 2015 will be displayed with the reasons for their rejection in similar fashion, in addition to revisiting works featured in the original exhibition.

Selected Works

Freedom of Expression?, Gallery Furuto, Tokyo, Japan
  • Exhibition title design, woodcut by Misako Ichimura, from the exhibition poster from 2015