• Born 1988 in Greenville, South Carolina, USA
  • Based in New York, USA
  • Photo: Walker Esner

Visually representing musical plurality is an on-going approach that Amanda Martinez takes in her sculpture. Sculpture hand-carved from styrofoam, and coated in latex or enamel, reminds one of digital special effects. Her carvings start with a point of focus from which an identical motif fans outward, but are not systematically designed ahead of time. The artist herself tries as much as possible to use old technologies, simple science, and nature. From her specialist musical education, Martinez is interested in expressing music in an abstract form, deeply rooted in academic theory. She considers a physical and poetic relationship to the materials as an important part of her creative process.

Selected Works

New Wave (solo), VICTORI + MO, New York, USA
This Body, VICTORI + MO at Garis & Hahn, Los Angeles, USA
Surface Tension, E.TAY Gallery, New York, USA
NADA (New Art Dealer Alliance), yours mine & ours gallery, New York, USA
Transforming Milk into Milk, Redline Contemporary Art Center, Denver, USA
  • New Wave (solo), VICTORI + MO, New York, USA, 2018