BUNYA Yukari

  • Born 1985 in Okayama, Japan
  • Based in Brussels, Belgium

Bunya Yukari creates drawings rooted in the fine arts, music, and architecture. At college, where she majored in musical composition, Bunya focused on the act of line drawing as a release from the stress of extremely precise compositional styles. Since then, she has established her own style, much like musical improvisation, drawing lines on the backing medium without score, sketch, or hesitation. Her drawings feature simple, delicate, relaxed lines, and the repetition and accumulation of organic forms. Powerful, sharp, straight lines divide the plane and create spatiality in the work. Telling of a period of influence from the architectural drawings of Libeskind, her work calls to mind the weightless space of impossible, unbuilt architecture, and also echoes the tradition of graphic scores by the likes of Kandinsky and Toru Takemitsu.

Selected Works

Trans / Real: The Potential of Intangible Art vol.6 Yukari BUNYA (solo), Gallery αM, Tokyo, Japan
17th Exhibition of the Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art, Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Kanagawa, Japan
VOCA2013, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, Japan
POSITION 2012 Contemporary Art from Nagoya — The World seen from this Position, Nagoya City Art Museum, Aichi, Japan
  • looking at the vacant scenery 2016.11.11