ECHIGO Masashi

  • Born 1982 in Toyama, Japan
  • Based in Kagawa and Toyama, Japan

Echigo Masashi has worked primarily in installation since completing his studies in architecture at Musashino Art University, creating pieces all over Europe, including the UK, the Netherlands, and Belgium. His process consists of visiting the exhibition location, gathering objects from the area, arranging them in the venue, and, after the exhibition has finished, returning them to where they were found. In his works, the movement of objects overlaps the movement of the artist’s body. Their appeal rests in the simplicity of using the authentic movement of a place as a basis for artistic creation, as well as the architectural sense of scale of the installations themselves. Recently, Echigo has been expanding his range of techniques to include video, casting, sound, and more; he has also begun creating works that focus on building a relationship with a given region. In all cases, his pieces originate from relationships between the artist and individuals with whom he has established some common ground.

Selected Works

MADE IN CHINA (solo), de Art Center, Beijing, China
Loop hole (solo), gallery Muryow, Toyama, Japan
The rose, Portland, USA
  • There is no smoke without fire, 2013
  • Photo: Keisuke Yunoki
  • Courtesy of the artist