ENDO Mikiko and HIBINO Katsuhiko

ENDO Mikiko

  • Born 1971 in Tokyo, Japan
  • Based in Fukuoka, Japan

Selected Works

Cloud Bed, exterior furniture design for Hoshino Resort Tomamu, Hokkaido, Japan
Space and exhibition design for Fukuoka Science Museum, Fukuoka, Japan
Space and exhibition design for kids exhibition “MieMu,” Mie Prefectural Museum, Mie, Japan
Maternity House in Zambia, participatory architecture for rural health clinics in Copperbelt Province, Zambia
Set design for kids educational program “Inai-Inai-Bah!,” NHK E-television, Japan

HIBINO Katsuhiko

  • Born 1958 in Gifu, Japan
  • Based in Tokyo, Japan

Selected Works & Awards

The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award at the 66th Japan’s Art Encouragement Prize
Setouchi International Art Festival, Kagawa, Japan
Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2003, Niigata, Japan
46th Venice Biennial, Japan Pavilion, Venice, Italy

Endo Mikiko co-leads workshops on playground safety, along with her work as an architect on designing museums, public spaces, and other environments that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. She has garnered attention for her involvement of locals in her design and construction methods, as well as her use of design techniques expanded to include provisions for community building among a space’s patrons. Hibino Katsuhiko organizes collaborative projects with people from different regions and industries, while experimenting with methods to integrate art into society as an effective force for change. With his use of cardboard, which he has employed since the beginning of his career, he challenges the canvas as a supporting medium, the permanence of the finished work, and other assumptions about the nature of art. His activities mainly consist of workshops, and often can even be understood as foregrounding support for the creativity of participants and collaborators over his own expressivity and ideas as an artist. For their collaboration, Endo and Hibino will work on creating the base for one of Aichi Triennale’s “art playgrounds”: a park that will encourage creativity in children.

  • ENDO Mikiko
  • Mie Prefectural Museum, Mie, Japan
  • Photo: Osamu Kurihara
  • HIBINO Katsuhiko
  • DNA RIVER, 2006
  • HIBINO DNA AND... Katsuhiko HIBINO, Please respond!!, the Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu, Japan