Lecture Performance / Participatory Event Endoji Cricket Club (TBC)

  • Photo: Kenji Morita

As a response to the Triennale’s theme, “Taming Y/Our Passion,” the duo directs their attention to the people who have changed their name and reassigned their gender. Our names carry two kinds of (情), the Japanese for emotion, information, or compassion: emotions of love and hope from our parents and information regarding our gender. As part of their work, the duo will have a dialogue with individuals who have actively chosen to rewrite these two kinds of (emotion and information), and, with them, proceed to carry out the act of repeatedly shouting their new names until they start to lose their voice. Presented in the form of a video installation, this ritualistic act reveals a desperate yearning, one that is sure to speak strongly to the emotions of those who see and hear the work.

For the Extension Project, Kyun-Chome will organize a participatory event in which visitors can temporarily join a cricket team including many foreigners residing in Japan. Cricket boasts a total of 100 million players worldwide, and in Aichi Prefecture it happens to be particularly popular as a social sport among the foreign population. Through a game of cricket, which includes intervals for a lecture performance by Kyun-Chome, as well as tea time, participants will experience the invisible realities of Aichi, from changing one’s name when naturalizing, to the used-car industry and religion.

In the Extension project, Kyun-Chome will expand further on the themes treated in their new film work on show in the main exhibition. Addressing the host of emotions experienced individually and socially, the pair will explore and share with the audience methods of “rewriting” for one’s own benefit.

Extension Projects:
Projects including lecture-style performances by artists participating in the international contemporary art exhibition, group appreciation of work, and the provision of venues for discussion.

Sat, Oct 5, 13:00
Gymnasium, Nagono Campus
8 min. on foot from Nagoya station (JR, Meitetsu line, Higashiyama line or Sakuradori line)
Ticket prices
No children under school age are permitted.


  • Formed 2011 in Tokyo, Japan
  • Based in Tokyo, Japan

Kyun-Chome is an artist unit comprised of the female-male duo Eri Homma and Nabuchi.

Selected Works

Gangwon International Biennale 2018: The Dictionary of Evil, Gangwon, South Korea
Reborn-Art Festival 2017, Miyagi, Japan
Hi in the darkness (solo), Komagome Soko, Tokyo, Japan