• Born 1994 in Aichi
  • Based in Aichi

Fujiwara Aoi began producing various paintings of explosions while studying in the UK, drawing from the visual effects used in Japanese anime such as the Gundam and the Neon Genesis Evangelion series. In one of her paintings, a massive streak of light, plumes of smoke, and a mushroom cloud emanate from an explosion, while a myriad of imagined creatures resembling alpacas are suspended in mid-air, as though erupting from the center of the blast. The motif of explosions stems from the anime programs the artist watched with her parents from a young age, and from the experience of her father and brother being affected by the Tohoku earthquake while she was in high school. Through her portrayal of this subject matter, she gives thought to the real disasters, conflicts, and social phenomena that affect our societies.

Selected Works & Awards

Form (solo), Mitsubishi Ichigokan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
Everyday Explosion (solo), gallery N, Aichi, Japan
Pixel (solo), Phoenix Halls, Unversity of Brighton, Brighton, UK
Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2017, Tokyo, Japan, Mitsubishi Estate Co.,Ltd. Prize
  • Catastrophe, 2018
  • Photo: James Risdon