HO Tzu Nyen

  • Born 1976 in Singapore
  • Based in Singapore
  • Photo: Matthew Teo
  • Courtesy of ArtReview Asia Spring 2017

Ho’s home country, Singapore, was colonized by the British territory in the 19th century, placed under Japanese military control during the Pacific War, before gaining independence in 1965. He carefully researches historical records and folklore, weaving complex tales that span the whole of Asia into beautiful tapestries. A multi-layered Asian history shines out from his work, transcending any single perspective. The world view that Ho develops—traversing the conventional genres of film, installation, sound, and theater—adorned in magnificence and splendor, revives tales that had fallen out of official histories, in the space between fiction and fact, like phantoms. His retelling of the past achieves dazzling transformations, sometimes dark and sometimes beguiling with its charm, illuminating the problems that persist in Asia from the modern era to today.

Selected Works & Awards

The Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia Volume 3: N for Names (solo), Kunstverein in Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Asia Pacific Breweries Signature Foundation Art Prize 2014, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore, Grand Prize
MAM Project 016: Ho Tzu Nyen (solo), Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
54th Venice Biennial, Singapore Pavilion, Venice, Italy
  • One or Several Tigers, 2017