• Born 1978 in Fukuoka, Japan
  • Based in Kanagawa, Japan
  • Photo: Shinichiro Oroku

Since his time as a student, Imamura Yohei has consistently used silkscreen-printing techniques to create sculptural pieces. The image transferred through silkscreen is not normally considered as having a thickness, but if the process is repeated about ten thousand times a model akin to a topographic map is created from the layering of ink on ink. The pieces resemble the products of a 3D printer, and the creator seems to work just like a data-driven machine. Imamura’s pieces are not mapped out precisely at the planning stage, however; the form emerges in response to various difficulties and errors along the way, ultimately surpassing the original concept. Imamura focuses on the material nature of images, which in this day and age circulate as information, exploring the relationship between information and manual work while using the analog reproduction technique of printing.

Selected Works

The Universe Consists of Dots and Lines (solo), Fujisawa City Art Space, Kanagawa, Japan
live printing (solo), KAYOKOYUKI, Tokyo, Japan
CSP2, Kuwasawa Design School, Tokyo, Japan
Draw print book, esplanade, Singapore
  • tsurugi No.1, 2016
  • Photo: Kei Okano
  • Courtesy of KAYOKOYUKI