• Born 1989 in Shizuoka, Japan
  • Based in Miyagi, Japan
  • photo: Teruki Uehara

Rather than following and documenting the immediate effects of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, Komori Haruka’s videos focus on people, lending a keen ear to their stories. Her highly received documentary Trace of Breath (2016) follows a year in the life of a man who runs a seed store and nursery in the city of Rikuzentakata in Iwate Prefecture. Its sister work, Listening to the Air (2018) portrays a female radio host for Rikuzentakata Saigai FM (a disaster-related station) and her efforts of giving a voice to the memories and sentiments of the countless people affected by the disaster. Since volunteering in the coast of the Tohoku region in March 2011, Komori has also been active as a duo with painter and writer Natsumi Seo under the name “Haruka Komori + Natsumi Seo.” They have created multiple works comprised of text written by Seo and video shot and edited by Komori. While creating works that document the scenery and the accounts of people, the duo also plans and organizes events that serve as a platform for dialogue.

Selected Works

Listening to the Air
Trace of Breath
Under the Wave, on the Ground (Haruka Komori + Natsumi Seo)
The Place Named
  • Listening to the Air, 2018 (AAC/APMoA Film)
  • © Haruka Komori