• Formed 2011 in Tokyo, Japan
  • Based in Tokyo, Japan

Kyun-Chome is an artist unit comprised of the female-male duo Eri Homma and Nabuchi. Acting on their keen senses and curiosity, they conduct mid- to long-term residencies in various locations both at home and abroad, performing repeated research, interviews, video creations, and a series of “acts” in order to dig deep into the core of the reality of a particular place. They have created work, mainly in the form of video installation, in socially divided areas such as Fukushima Prefecture, Ishinomaki City, and Okinawa Prefecture, as well as in Hong Kong and Berlin. Kyun-Chome investigates the object of modern faith, which people seek out despite its transgressions of science and logical reasoning. Realized by way of unveiling this faith’s underling emotions and truth, their body of work blurs the boundaries between perpetrator and victim, parties involved and disinterested, and good and evil, poetically and humorously sublimating them.

Selected Works

Gangwon International Biennale 2018: The Dictionary of Evil, Gangwon, South Korea
Reborn-Art Festival 2017, Miyagi, Japan
Hi in the darkness (solo), Komagome Soko, Tokyo, Japan
  • New Faces made here, 2016, Hi in the darkness (solo), Komagome Soko, Tokyo, Japan
  • Photo: Kenji Morita
  • Courtesy of the artist