Regina José GALINDO

  • Born 1974 in Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • Based in Antigua, Guatemala
  • Photo: Lucía Escobar

With her main medium as performance, Regina José Galindo’s work explores gender injustices, racial discrimination and human rights abuses occurring within societal power structures. She creates performances in which she exposes herself to radical and extreme situations that other people have faced, as a means of exploring inequalities in power relations to see how these actions influence social ethics. In particular, her work has been suggestive of femicides, both of indigenous and non-indigenous women, crudely denouncing violence and abuses of power toward different social groups in her home region and country, as well as in others.

Selected Works & Awards

documenta 14, Leaning from Athens, Athens, Greece / Kassel, Germany
11th Shanghai Biennale, Why Not Ask Again: Arguments, Counter-arguments, and Stories, Shanghai, China
Estoy Viva (solo), Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, Milan, Italy
51st Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy, Golden Lion for an artist under 35
49th Venice Biennial, Plateau of Humankind, Venice, Italy
  • La Intención (The intention), 2016
  • Originally commissioned and produced by Fondazione Fòcara di Novoli, Lecce, Italy
  • Photo: Annamaria La Mastra
  • Courtesy of the artist