• Born 1990 in Kyoto, Japan
  • Based in Kyoto, Japan

Sawada Hana studied printmaking at Kyoto Seika University. She has created a series of installations based on the process of investigating, from a number of angles, the small unidentifiable objects that appear in photographs taken of printed materials or image-sharing websites. Sawada is known for artwork that touches on photography’s inherent quality as a “mechanical eye” not limited by the photographer’s intentions in what it captures. Focusing specifically on the errors that appear in the process of an image’s creation, she highlights the presence of the photographic medium itself, which we often overlook, despite the role it plays in a large part of the information we habitually consume. Her work also contains, in some measure, an attempt to use photography to critically engage with our very consciousness, which reads meaning into images regardless of its actual presence.

Selected Works & Awards

The 14th Gunma Biennale for Young Artists 2019, Gunma, Japan, Encouragement Award
Bouncing Sounds of an Invisible Ball (solo), Gallery PARC, Kyoto, Japan
New Cosmos of Photography 2017 [40th competition], Tokyo, Japan, Excellence Award
1floor2017, GOUMOKUTEKITEKI-FUMOURON, Kobe Art Village Center, Hyogo, Japan
  • Gesture of Rally #1805 (detail), 2018