• Born 1985 in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Based in Belgrade, Serbia

Sholim uses the GIF image format, which allows animation and has been used since the early days of the internet, to create video loops of several seconds in which human faces and landscapes transform in strange ways. His work is published on social media, and the fantastic world of his creations, which he describes as “digital surrealism” has received high acclaim. Sholim has a strong belief in the artistic potential of the GIF format, which can be played on any mobile device around the world, and draws his inspiration from the overflowing creativity, capacity to disseminate information, and even stupidity, of the internet. The artist applies his own keen humor to a satirical look at various socio-political topics, such as religion, corporate culture, global economics, and mankind’s reliance on technology.

Selected Works

theGIFs Award of GIF creator 2018, SHIBUYA HUMAX CINEMA, Tokyo, Japan
"NOISE" Digital Festival, Space Debris, Istanbul, Turkey
ARTour Biennale 2015, Mons, Belgium
First Look 2015, Museum of the Moving Image, New York, USA
  • Dream no.6, 2017
  • Courtesy of the artist