• Born 1971 in Perth, Australia
  • Based in Melbourne, Australia

Stuart Ringholt is an artist working across a diverse range of media including sculpture, collage, performance, workshops and public art. Exploring human psychology and emotions, his Laughter Workshops and Anger Workshops enable a release of love, fear, shame, forgiveness and loss for the participants. His sculpture, Untitled (Clock) (2014), presents time as compressed based on the premise of one day being comprised of eighteen hours. The second hand of the clock ticks with a nervous rhythm proposing an alternative calendared life of shorter days and nights but many more yesterdays. It asks: what are the myriad of biological and environmental consequences of planet Earth turning faster on its axis?

Selected Works

Proposals to Surrender, Ming Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Stuart Ringholt: Nudes, Signs, and a Contract (solo), Osmos Gallery, New York, USA
dOCUMENTA (13), Kassel, Germany
3rd Singapore Biennale, Open House, Singapore
16th Biennale of Sydney, Sydney, Revolutions – Forms That Turn, Sydney, Australia
  • Untitled (Clock), 2014
  • Collection MCA Sydney
  • Courtesy of Assembly New York