TOMITA Katsuya

  • Born 1972 in Yamanashi, Japan
  • Based in Yamanashi, Japan
  • Photo: Takahiro Yamaguchi

Tomita Katsuya, along with screenwriter and film director Toranosuke Aizawa and other members, heads the film production collective Kuzoku, which operates under the motto “creating and showing films on our own terms.” Tomita interpolates the reality of the streets into his fictional narrative through in-depth interviews with real people who lead their lives in the places where his films are set, and by actively casting non-professional actors. His representative work includes Off Highway 20 (2007), which portrays young delinquents in a suburban city, and Saudade (2011), a tale of manual labor, immigrants, and hip-hop music against the backdrop of Japan’s atrophying economy. In Bangkok Nites (2016), created as part of a long-term residency in Thailand and Laos, Tomita traces the scars left by the wars that ravaged the Indochina peninsula in the 20th century, while his multilayered narrative throws light on contemporary Japan through the prism of South East Asia.

Selected Works

Bangkok Nites
Off Highway 20
Above the Clouds
  • TENZO, 2019
  • Courtesy of All-Japan Young Soto Zen Buddhist Priest Association