WADA Yuina (Shinkazoku)

  • Born 1989 in Gifu
  • Based in Tokyo

Wada Yuina received her B.F.A. from Nagoya University of the Arts’s Oil Painting Course 2 and was part of the first graduating class of the Genron Chaos*Lounge New Art School. Her interest in kawaii culture has inspired her to create paintings that confront the audience like glittering gems, intricately composed with vivid colors. Wada runs the art class Home of Painting. In collaboration with her students, she put on the Shinkazoku (New, True and Evolving Family) exhibition, a project they have continued to pursue. The personal experiences and emotions of our acquaintances—as well as intimate relationships, including those between family members—constitute closed worlds. They consequently radiate a strong energy, which Wada captures in her work. The thoughtfulness of her ideas’ elucidation and precision of her compositional logic can be seen in her research notes: a detailed log of her production process, which she exhibits along with her work.

Selected Works

“Shinkazoku” Exhibition by Home of Painting, B. Esta337, Tokyo
First Premise First Press, Genron Chaos*Lounge New Art School Achievement Exhibition, Tokyo, Takeshi Natsuno Award
Solo Exhibition, Gallery Delaive, Amsterdam, Netherlands
GEISAI#17, Tokyo, Shin Suzuki Award
  • Empty and Poke, 2018
  • Photo: Hideto Nagatsuka