Banners for Linking to the Aichi Triennale Official Website

Users may provide links to the Website without application, in principle; provided, however, that we may refuse any links from Websites that fall under any of the following items, even if links to third party websites have already been provided:

  • Links that violate or are likely to violate laws, regulations or good public order or morals;
  • Links that slander or defame the Organizing Committee, third parties or their business or services;
  • Links that do not conform to the policy of the Organizing Committee, such as links whose purpose is sales or solicitation;
  • Links that are likely to undermine the confidence of the Organizing Committee in society; or
  • The Organizing Committee determines that Links are not appropriate for other reasons.

Users are requested to set a URL link at the top of the page ( Further, banners shall not be altered without the permission of the Organizing Committee.

For linking to this website, please download these banners or copy html source below: